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General Session International

Day 1
General Session Americas

Day 1
Connect Up DJP Performance

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Connect Up Mixology

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General Session

Day 2
Connect Up-Mixology


Network Considerations for the New Normal

The future of WiFi and why your next upgrade is so important

How Advanced Processing will Evolve Networking

Future of Live Sports: How Accelerated Digital Transformation is Changing the Game

Cloudifying the Enterprise in 24 hours: Real World Experiences from an IT Viewpoint

Esports: Maximizing Positive Campus Impact

Industry View: Technical drivers of your next RFP

Principles of Leadership

Wi-Fi 6, 5G & CBRS Wireless: Competitors, Co-existence or Collaboration?

The New Normal: Networking is the foundation for current & post COVID-19 operations

Simplify your Life: The Journey to Effortless Networking

Not all Cloud Architectures/Applications are created Equal

How Applications can Drive your Business

Your Journey to the Future

Services Value for Every Customer

Enabling the Effortless Experience with Universal Hardware

Demystifying Extreme’s Fabric Connect and its Path to the Cloud

Approaching Zero Trust: Extreme’s Approach to a Paradigm

Safe Re-Entry; how technology can help you adapt

Extreme’s Innovation in ML/AI is Opening the Door to Next Generation Assurance Services

Effortless in Action

The Modern Data Ecosystem and the Cloud

Take Flight with Essential Applications

Starting the Effortless Journey

The Power of Teamwork

Enabling the Effortless Experience with Universal Hardware

How to Automate your Network Operations with Fabric Connect

Best Practices for achieving a Zero Trust deployment

How to Adapt to the New Normal - Protect those around you

Drive towards better outcomes using Co-pilot

Wifi Trouble Shooting Basics

Wifi Design Concepts

Designing Campus Network

Designing Your Data Center

Establishing a New Normal: Key Considerations for IT Leaders

Embracing the New Normal in Healthcare: Effective Strategies for IT Leaders

Establishing a New Normal in Retail: Critical Insights for IT Leaders

Adapting and Implementing the New Normal for Education

Service Provider Solutions

ExtremeCloud IQ Branch & Remote Devices

Edge Computing with Intergrated Application Hosting

Getting Started with EXOS & WiNG in XIQ

Leveraging Analytics in Troubleshooting

XMC What's New 8.5

Extreme Fabric Automation in your Data Center

XMC Automations & Workflows

Getting Started with EXOS & VOSS in XIQ

Fabric to the Edge

RF Security Best Practices with AirDefense

CTO Covid Metrix Demo

Sharon Auby
Canning Tips

Daren Dulac
How To Execute the Infamous Flop Shot in golf

Norman Rice - Chief Operating Officer
Longboard Skateboarding

Ed Meyercord
How to 'Power Yoga Headstand'

Sarah Nesland
How to Eurostep in Basketball

Stan Kovler
Yiddish Phrases

Tommy Vo, Paul Morrison, Donna Vidal
How to Install an Extreme Access Point

Bob Nilsson
How to Catch Pokemon

Whats Up 4 Non Blonds Acapella
Aileen Maglalang

Gauri Singh
Dance Journey

John Morrison
How to Juggle

Kevin Gray

Dan Dulac
Skills Journey - Engineering / Mechanics

Michael Allen
Catch/Clean/Cook – Clambake

Jasmine Davis
How to make fresh dried basil

Ryan Hall
How to make the perfect marg (margarita)

Eliza Woodbury
French Press Coffee

Alwyn Braganza
Harmonica Medley

Aileen Maglalang
How to Pot Succulents

Matt Cleaver
How to climb when cycling

Remi Thomas
How to successfully waterski

Shyam Pullela
How to make chicken tikka masla

Cristina Tate
Karaoke - More Than Words (Extreme)

Ryan Schmotter
Headstand on a Stand Up Paddleboard

Steve Schroder
The Paper Bag Princess

Kevin Gray
If You Give a Moose and muffin

Lorna Pierno
We're Different, We're the Same

Jasmine Davis
I Believe I Can

Katy Motiey
How to Grow a Seed

Jasmine Davis
Take Your Pet to School Day

Linda Motherwell
My Mum

Katy Motiey
Animals All Around

Katy Motiey
Feathery Friends

Norman Rice
Goodnight Moon

Maggie Rice
The Day the Crayons Quit

Norman Rice Jr.
Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very bad Day

Joanne Lennon
Broom by Julia Donaldson

Rob Rosa
I Can Read with My Eyes Closed

Peter O'Flanagan
Daisy the Flying Cow

Natalie Biggs
The Kissing Hand

Wes Durow - Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Gray
Officer Buckle and Gloria

Jana Klein
Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes

Jasmine Davis
Giraffes Can't Dance

Dan Adam - Chief Information Officer
Clifford the Big Red Dog

Alexandra Gates
Berenstain Bears - Messy Room

Gerry Hanrahan
The Giant

Brian Townsend
Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

Eric Biggs
The Story of Ferdinand

Aileen Maglalang
Goodnight iPad

Aileen Maglalang
Guess How Much I Love You

Chris and Grant Widmann
The Donut Chef

Ashley Egner
Gray Squirrel at Pacific Avenue

Jana Klein
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Darrah Devaney
Owl Babies

Jack Lyon
If You Give a Pig a Party

Betsy Landon
Go Dogs, Go!

Eliza Woodbury
Bat at the Beach

Eliza Woodbury
Where the Wild Things Are

Eliza Woodbury
Bear Snores On

Cara Ratliffe
Halloween Hats

Chuck Mace
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Dean Chabrier - Chief People Officer
I Love You Stinky Face

Tommy Vo and Family
Green Eggs and Ham + If you give a mouse a cookie

Dean Chabrier

Kimberly Basnight

Stan Kovler

Joe Vitalone

Ed Meyercord

Norman Rice

Nabil Bukari

Katy Motiey

Remi Thomas

Lindsey Vonn

Terrell Owens

Pau Gasol

Preston Smith

Ian Rush

Uni Lund

SUNY Canton

OSF Healthcare

Uni Florida


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